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WSI provides the right amount of electrical service and/or air, as needed, where needed.
Whether your electrical, data or air requirements call for technical testing or in-line assembly, WSI provides the appropriate utility service needed. Utilities can be interconnected from bench to bench or can be a stand alone workstation, coupled with multiple circuits for proper electrical amperage distribution.

Concept 2000 workstations offer a wide range of electrical options, ranging from the basic eight outlet channel, that mounts to the rear of the work surface, to a more sophisticated electrical distribution system, (DEC) offering multiple circuits, outlets and interconnecting capabilities.

The basic electrical channel, (EL) is 48" long, eight outlets, on/off switch, and an 8 ft. power cord. This channel mounts to the rear of the workbench and does not have interconnecting capabilities. Dedicated Electrical Circuit systems (DEC) provide up to 24 electrical outlets.

DEC-1 is equipped with one six outlet panel (6 outlets total) on one upright.
DEC-2 is equipped with two six outlet panels (12 outlets total) interconnecting
DEC-4 is equipped with four six outlet panels (24 outlets total) interconnecting panels, two panels per upright, this is a two circuit system.

DEC electrical system options may be upgraded to a two or four circuit system. This means that we can strategically dedicate the power as needed, where needed. The above electrical system options are built at the factory and delivered complete to you.

Concept 2000 DEC interconnecting system (left) connects a row of workbenches with electrical, air and/or data. Each upright comes with two steel trim panels that act as a utility raceway panel. The trim panel is divided into two sections, the division is just below the work surface. The lower section (below the work surface) comes with a 6" access panel and two 3/4" utility pass through knockouts. This makes it easier to maintenance the electrical, air and/or Data systems without having to disassemble the line of workbenches.

Interconnecting connecting cables come with UL approved five-way push in connector that make it easy for hard wiring benches together. When ordering, you will need to identify the number of circuits needed. After you have identified the number of circuits needed, at the time of installation you will need to bring either one, two or four circuits of power to the starter. Then the DEC system will do the rest. As an option to hard wiring, we can provide one eight foot power cord per circuit.

C2 ADS, Air Distribution System (right) provides 100 psi of air at the work surface or anywhere on the upright. The ADS interconnects the air from workbench to workbench, either single sided or double side. Add as many air couplers per station as needed. In order to bring air to the workbenches, WSI provides a male coupler at the starter bench (first bench in the row). Just connect your air to the male coupler and the interconnecting system will provide air to all the workbenches.

ESD Grounding system (left) is included with any DEC electrical system option. Every upright comes with a green wire ground that grounds the ESD work surface using the green wire within the electrical wiring system. There is no need to incur additional cost for grounding the workbenches. This is an interconnecting grounding system that will ground all the workbenches in the row.

DEC and ADS Features and Benefits; When evaluating the cost of workstation, you must take into account the savings when ordering the DEC electrical and/or ADS air systems;
A) The electrical panel is off the work surface and on the upright providing more working area
B) Add as many outlets as needed where needed.
C) Interconnecting utilities under the work surface from bench to bench means less power and/or air drops within a row of benches
D) One power and/or air connection at the first bench in the row of workbenches
E) One - two or four electrical circuits within the row of benches, allows the DEC electrical system to properly distribute and interconnect the power to all benches.
F) All work surfaces are grounded in-line
G) No need to incur additional expenses for bringing power, air and ESD grounding to each workbench

All these benefits means that you save money and/or in-house labor hours when setting up a Concept 2000 workstation in your facility.

Production Bench electrical system provide numerous 15 am electrical outlets to specific locations on the workbench. All electrical channels come standard with an 8 ft. power cord.

Eight outlets and power cord mounted in the front or rear beam underneath the instrument shelf surface.

Four outlets mounted in the front face of each riser box

Eight outlets and power cord mounted in the front or rear beam of the bench

Six outlet electrical panel inset with on/off switch, can be attached to either or both sides of the instrument shelf riser box

Our standard 48" electrical channel mounts to the rear of the workbench. This channel is equipped with eight outlets, on/off switch and an 8ft. power cord. Additional outlets with circuit breaker is optional.

When using multiple electrical options with multiple power cords, the power distribution control module allows you to plug all electrical sources into one master control box. Now you can control all power sources using one on/off switch and power cord. The control module with either a 15 or 20am circuit breaker.

Additional Options:

  • Additional 15 amp outlets i.e. 10 or 12 outlets per channel
  • 20 amp. wiring with 20 amp power cord
  • 15 or 20 amp circuit breaker
  • On/off switch


































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