Drawers and Cabinets

WSI manufactures all drawer and cabinets to fit any WSI workbench. Drawers can also be mounted to existing workbenches with slight hole mounting modifications. Drawers mount to the front beam using a nut/bold connection and a "Z" bracket at the rear of the workbench. Configure and customize your drawer configuration using any of the drawer modules above. Mix and match to come up with the appropriate drawer cabinet configuration that best fits your application. All drawer cabinets are 15" wide x 18" deep, 22" deep drawer cabinets are available as an option.

  • All drawers are constructed of heavy duty cold rolled steel.
  • Drawers are formed and welded for added strength and rigidity.
  • Drawers can bolt together to configure several different drawer configurations
  • Drawer slides used are full extension and are rated at 100 lbs at the full extension.
  • Locking casters and a laminate top can be added to create a mobile cabinet.
  • Single cam locks are available

Pedestal Cabinet/Lab Bench

All floor mounted pedestal cabinets (top right) are constructed of the same heavy duty formed steel as on the hang on drawer cabinets. When establishing a drawer configuration, drawers cannot exceed 24" high; i.e. four 6" box drawers (4B) or two 6" box and one 12" file drawer (2BF) etc. Exterior cabinet dimensions are 15" wide x 34" high x 24" deep. Interior drawer dimension is 13.50" wide x 18" deep. Full extension 100lb rated ball bearing slides are used on all drawers. 22" drawers are available as an option. Creating a custom Lab Bench using standard accessories (right);

A) Select the appropriate drawer configuration
B) Select the size and type of work surface; i.e. 36 x 72 maple, laminate, ESD or stainless steel top.
C) Add an Instrument shelf if desired, with or without electrical.


Designed with safety as the prevailing factor, the NO~NEEZ Drawer offers an alternative to today's storage requirements in the ever-changing tight and enclosed working environment.

The NO~NEEZ drawer is constructed of heavy duty ABS plastic. All corners are designed with a soft radius, thus protecting the operator from knee injuries. Organized front compartments allow the operator to organize his/her tools and other items for easy and fast access. Deep rear filing or storage tub can support most large tools, personal items, files or tool boxes. The storage tub at the rear is recessed 12" from the front. This means that the operator can sit directly under the drawer and/or can access either corner of the workbench without ever injuring his/her knees.

  • Drawer slides used are rated at 100 lbs. and extend out 22"
  • NO ~ NEEZ Drawer can mount to any workbench or underneath any work surface
  • The NO ~ NEEZ Drawer can mount to any existing workbenches or work surfaces
  • Single cam lock is available as an option
  • Black texture is the only color available

Overhead Storage Cabinet

Storage cabinets are constructed of heavy duty formed steel and are designed to meet most overhead storage requirements. WSI offers two types of door configurations, a hinged laminate door or a sliding laminate door. Hutches mount to the Concept 2000 upright or a slotted upright that is used with the basic PB production workbench. 30" and 36" overheads can mount to a split shelf frame leaving the other half of the opening for larger or taller working items. Cabinet dimensions are: 14" deep x 14" high x 30", 36", 48", 60" or 72" wide.

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